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What can you expect as part of the Sales Performance Learning Academy?

With 25 years of sales experience, I continue to learn on a daily basis. I learn from investing in various courses, but I also enjoy learning  from others.
The purpose of the Sales Performance Learning Academy is to offer you support as you apply new techniques and skills to your role and business. You will become part of a group that engages once a month for 1 hour of group coaching. You will have the opportunity to discuss challenges, test out new ideas with a peer group. The key benefit of being part of this group is developing business relationships with like minded people, while learning from others in different industries. From experience learning from others is highly effective, plus these 6 monthly meetings will hold you accountable and ensure progress.

What does this mean for you?

We will meet as a group, discuss any questions you have on the modules that you have covered or any general sales inquiry you have.  As the facilitator I will encourage you to contribute and participate in the discussions. The coaching sessions are designed to create a learning experience that empowers , connects and gets results for you.
A great opportunity to learn from others in these monthly group coaching meetings.

As part of the Sales Performance Learning Academy you will receive:

6 videos + additional learning material documents on each module.
Access to 6 monthly group coaching sessions. Each coaching session is for 1 hour.